Interested in Writing a Book?

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We all have a book inside us, but are we willing to go through the process to write and publish? Here are 10 tips to get you started: What is the purpose for your book? The “Why”? Fiction or Non-fiction? Who is your audience? If you say “everyone,” you don’t have an audience. Depending on your subject, there are many … Read More

What Did You Decide for 2019?

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On December 18, 2018 I wrote a blog post asking “Who Would You be in 2019?” I’ve been online and read many New Year’s resolutions (see this article for the top 10), and I must say I’m not impressed. It’s the “same-old, same-old”. Those resolutions that everyone makes in January and breaks by February. So I believe I’ll stick with … Read More

New Book Launched Today – Get Your Copy!

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Teens Dodging “Bullets” launched today. Is your teen prepared for the social issues of today? Dodging “bullets” used to mean he/she got a “D” instead of an “F.” Or, a teen who thought she was pregnant and wasn’t. Now it means so much more. Turn on the news and most likely the stories you hear will include school shootings, bullying, … Read More

New Book Released Today

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The 4-1-1 on Reinventing You Essential Tips for Knowing What you Want – And Getting it! There is a lot of chatter today about reinventing yourself, especially after 50. There’s no “magical” age when you find yourself in a difficult situation, whether it be a divorce, death of a loved one, or a job loss, and have to make some … Read More

Allow Your Children to “Grieve” After Divorce

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Allow Your Children to “Grieve” After Divorce Divorce is hard on everyone involved. When children are involved, we need to give them the time and space to grieve the loss of the biological parent that leaves the home. To “grieve” may sound harsh, but it is exactly what the children do. They have lost someone very special to them, even … Read More

Ask the Author

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I’ve added a new category to my blog where readers can ask the author questions on Life Skills; Step parenting, or Surviving Teenagers. You can post questions here or email them to and they will be answered here for all to see. So, how can I help you today?

New Year – New You?

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Happy New Year! May you be blessed beyond your expectations this year! With a New Year, comes new resolutions. Do you make resolutions? I used to, but no longer do. Instead, I now make plans and commitments. Over the past six months, I have lost 54 pounds. At the start of 2012, I made a resolution to lose weight, but … Read More

The 4-1-1 on Surviving Teenhood–New Book Coming Soon!

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I’m so excited about the upcoming Fall release of my new book The 4-1-1 on Surviving Teenhood. It is a book to help both parents and teens to navigate the obstacles presented during the teen years. Here is an excerpt: Turn on the news or pick up the newspaper and most likely the stories you read will include bullying, sexting, … Read More

Time Savers

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While reading The Oprah Magazine I ran across a page that had a few time savers that I think could help all of us put some time back in our day. Julie Morgenstern, organizing and productivity expert and author of Time Management from the Inside Out, shares four ways to squeeze an extra hour (or more!) into your weekday. Instead … Read More

From Author to Publisher!

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My printed book is now available for purchase on Amazon (ebook coming soon) and soon to be on Barnes and Noble. The last few days have been crazy. Who would have ever thought (not me) that I could be not only an Author, but now a Publisher! It has been such an exciting time and yet totally exhausting. I was … Read More